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Dec 05 2021


10:00 am - 2:00 pm



Boondoogle Palm Weaving

Join us for a special Boondoogle Palm Crafting Class! Local artist, Megan Kissinger, will teach participants how to make woven crafts that they can take home.

In pioneer days, crafts made from palm fronds were often given as gifts. Many types of items were made with palm crafting, including hats, wreaths, fans, mats, and even fly swatters. This type of weaving was popular in southern folk art, when crafters wove green palms from Florida’s state tree, the Sabal or Cabbage Palm into decorative or useful items. Since palms are in the grass family and are not actually trees, the green fronds are very pliable and make great weaving material.


Fans made from palm fronds are displayed in the kitchen and master bedroom of the Edison’s winter estate. Both were woven by an unknown crafter for the Edison family, demonstrating that making boondoggles was a popular pastime when Edison was in Fort Myers.


In the class, students will learn the basics of making a boondoggle. They will start by making a small ornament, and then will make a wreath from a single palm frond. Both crafts will be theirs to keep after the class and can be used as holiday decorations or given away as gifts.


All the materials and tools will be provided but students may bring their own specially chosen ribbons and their own scissors. Participants are also encouraged to bring snacks or a bag lunch. The class will take place outdoors in the river pavilion, along the Caloosahatchee River.


To ensure adequate supplies, registration is required before 5 p.m. on Friday, December 3. Register online at edisonford.org or call 239-334-7419. E-tickets should be redeemed at the ticket counter for a wristband (on the day of the class). Cost: Edison Ford members: $40; non-members: $60. Materials are included in the fee.


The event is finished.

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