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Jun 30 2020


11:00 am - 5:00 pm



My Coffee Machine is proud to present Workshop in Miami City


The aim of My Coffee Machine is to provide the lovers of coffee with updated information on coffee beans, gadgets, machines and methods. Our website offers a comprehensive solution to help you get access to the best brewing system for your perfect cup of coffee. Our highly trained and passionate staff educate coffee consumers on creating their best cup of coffee at home without many hassles. We do not support any specific brands, so you can be ensured that our reviews will be impartial and honest.

Since coffee comes in a range of varieties, you need to understand what you want in your daily cup and this will help you decide what you need to buy. Firstly, you need to buy coffee in bean form, grind it and brew it effectively for the best results. How you choose your brewing vessel and method depends on your coffee habits and needs to be decided by considering your crucial requirements. If you live in a big family, a drip coffee maker that has a special storage section for beans and single-button grinding will be a great choice. If you like your coffee strong, the French percolator or press method that retains coffee in hot water longer and creates higher caffeine content will be a good one for you.

A great place to begin after your purchase of a coffee maker is buying sealed coffee storage boxes, measuring spoons, thermal cups, accessory organizers, brewing guides and a professional style grinder. Following the basics initially will help you save money and time in the long run.

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