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Oct 13 2018


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Women’s Self-Defense Class

It has been all over the media and Florida is among the highest rates of human trafficking in the nation. Join us and Training Grounds Martial Arts Academy at Millennial for self defense training and learn how to properly protect yourself. Tickets are $5 and 100% of tickets will go to Human Trafficking Prevention.If you are interested in learning how to protect yourself, then this seminar is for you! In this self defense seminar, we will cover the importance of situational awareness, mind-setting, and defending yourself using KRAV MAGA combatives to include;-punching;-kicking;-wrist releases;-hair grab defenses;-bear hug defenses;-and other confidence-building drills.We encourage teams of mother/daughters, So, come have fun learning skills that can save your life. This seminar is open to the public and no previous experience or training is necessary to participate.WHAT IS KRAV MAGA?KRAV MAGA is the hand-to-hand combat self defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and many other Counter-terrorism and Special Forces Units worldwide. KRAV MAGA is direct, effective, and natural to learn. No prior experience or training is necessary for this beginner event.

The event is finished.

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