Where can I get the Rainbow Pages?

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May 31 2024 - Jun 02 2024


Friday and Saturday at 7PM. Sunday 1PM
7:00 pm - 1:00 pm




Pride Events


"TragiComic trans-identifying confessional" and "obscene, irreverent, maniacal burlesque comedian"
might seem like incompatible themes, but Vulva Va-Voom has combined stranger elements onstage.
Creepier, stickier, Lovecraftian elements. Gritty nightclub headliner Vulva has inhabited some bizarrely imaginative world-building over the years…but that world is still impacted by politics and culture.

Who gets to define whether someone is a drag queen, king, or in-between? Vulva has mostly appeared hyper-femme throughout their onstage career…but why? (Mostly practicality, given that spirit-gummed facial hair and latex nipples are indescribably annoying to scrape off at 4am.) But does femme presentation invalidate nonbinary credibility?
As the song-and-dance comedian executes a live “female drag to male drag” transition onstage, they explore labels, identity, and their own real-world experience. More introspective and intimate than Va- Voom & Co.’s usual off-the-charts raucous debauchery, this piece combines Vaudeville with Weimar,
vulnerability with absurdity, authenticity with farce, and— as usual— absinthe with uppers.

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