IPM Advancement Releases Report on U.S. LGBTQ+ Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit fundraising, advocacy and membership agency IPM Advancement has released a first-of-its-kind research report titled “LGBTQ+ Nonprofit Organizations in the United States: Growth, Trends, Concerns, and the Outlook for Philanthropic Giving.”

The report is designed to better understand the number of nonprofit organizations that are working on LGBTQ+ and equality issues nationwide, and where those organizations have impact. The report offers unique insights into organization growth, trends, concerns and the outlook for LGBTQ+ nonprofits related to philanthropic giving. Of particular interest is how engagement with LGBTQ+ nonprofits has changed since the 2015 marriage equality ruling.

“With millions of Americans identifying as LGBTQ+, and with threats to this community ongoing and seemingly increasing, we felt there was a need to better understand how many LGBTQ+ nonprofits are serving communities across the U.S.,” said Russ Phaneuf, co-founder of IPM Advancement and the firm’s managing director & chief strategist. “This report provides helpful insights to share with these organizations … along with donors, policymakers, and other stakeholders concerned with the quality of life for members of the LBGTQ+ community.”

Lead researcher Dr. Colton Strawser said that the report fills in important gaps about LGBTQ+ nonprofit organizations. “Research on LGBTQ nonprofits is limited, and the study identifies the financial impact of these organizations as well as the opportunities for organizations to learn from each other when it comes to fundraising. For example, while government funding to LGBTQ causes has increased, very few of the identified organizations are actively engaged in lobbying – which we see as a missed opportunity.”

IPM Advancement has made the new report available for free download at https://report.ipmadvancement.com. For questions and media inquiries, please email co*****@ip************.com with the subject line “LGBTQ+ Report.”

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