Light Come Out of the Closet: Memoir of a Gay Soul

Dr. Roger Leslie’s newest memoir that speaks to how he opened up his life and elevated his destiny!

The book is published by Paradise Publishing and will be available this June worldwide in print and e-book format.

Knowing as a boy that I was gay while growing up in a conservative religious environment left me confused, depressed, and eventually suicidal. Quite early, I came to terms with the fact that I was gay. But as a spiritual person, I assumed that my sexual orientation meant that I was fundamentally flawed and would have to live without love.

That terrifying revelation directed me toward an unprecedented journey that opened my life and elevated my destiny. My determination to live—and love—lit my path on the journey that redefined my life, showed me what mettle I was made of, and revealed to me my soul.

The rewards for recognizing my value and committing my energy to thriving rather than just surviving in secret have resulted in my becoming a prolific, award-winning author and renowned international speaker.

Light Come Out of the Closet: Leslie, Roger: 9781941680087: Books

Light Come Out of the Closet: Leslie, Roger: 9781941680087: Books –

About Roger Leslie:

Dr. Roger Leslie is a scholar in the fields of success and education. Through major literary houses, medium and small presses, and his own publishing house, Leslie has published fiction and nonfiction books in multiple genres: historical fiction, inspirational self-help, spirituality, writing and publishing, movie reference, teaching and librarianship, biography, history, and memoir.

Leslie has won numerous national awards including ForeWord Book of the Year, The Ben Franklin Award, and Writer’s Digest’s #1 Inspirational Book of the Year. At its inaugural event, Leslie received the Houston Literary Award for his body of work.
Leslie is in demand as a teacher, coach, and keynote speaker. He leads FLY (First Last Year) courses based on his blockbuster memoir, My First Last Year. He draws from decades as an author, editor, and publisher to coach writers in groups and individually. He is also a sought-after speaker for his lively, entertaining keynotes relating award-winning movies to any topic or group.

In every book and presentation, Leslie entertains, inspires, and empowers people to live the life they dream and soar toward their own ideal of success. For more, visit

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