New comedy project tackles black, LGBT issues and will lift the spirits of viewers

A new stand up comedy concert film, the fifth, from award winning, veteran black LGBTQ comedian and writer Sampson McCormick will be released to the public on several streaming outlets on Monday June 1, 2020. As a performing artist who has used the comedy stage as a tool to deal with his depression, McCormick understands that laughter is a necessity, or in our current climate, “an essential item.” The new comedy special, which was taped during a run of sold-out shows that he headlined at the DC Comedy Loft in Washington, DC, the week before the COVID-19 shut down, tackles a breadth of issues ranging from the challenges that black gay men face in social institutions like barber shops and the black church, the rising costs of living, gentrification, mental health, dating and classic black films.

It’s a thoroughly solid performance and offers some guaranteed deep belly laughs. With the current quarantine, high levels of unemployment, and national protests, the film, which broaches many of the topics of the day, offers laughter as a soothing balm for the state of depression, restlessness and high tension that many are experiencing this year. Previous works include 2013’s “That B*%@# Better Be Funny”, 2019’s “A Different Direction”, performances at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Smithsonian’s National Musuem of African American History & Culture, as well as appearances on VICELAND, TV One, BET and FOX SOUL.

Information about the upcoming film “Church Boy” and the artist, Sampson McCormick can be found on Instagram: sampsonmccormick and the official website:

Here are links to the trailer, and a clip from the film:

“Church Boy” (Trailer):

“Being Gay in Black Barber Shops”:

“Church Boy” (Full Film):
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